Monday, October 27, 2008

Spent some time with the little ones again

Hi Family and Friends,

Some friends and I went to the orphanage again on Saturday. A couple of them prepared walls for paint, but I wanted to spend the whole time with the same group of kids that I saw last time. We had a great time swinging, playing soccer, and blowing bubbles.
I did not go to Chichicastenango yesterday because I heard that it was not worth the time. I went to church and then to Gringo Chapin where you can get an entire meal including drink and dessert for $3.

So far I am enjoying level D at school. I hope to get to E before I leave.

Time for homework. There are a few interesting things that I want to do in the coming weeks, such as go to a coffee plantation/musical instrument and clothing museum, walk up 365 steps to a cross from which you can see the whole city of Antigua, ride a boat around breathtaking Lake Atitlan, and go to a festival of gigantic kites. So we can all look forward to that.

Have a great day!


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Melanie said...

Hi Dooba, I'm so glad you got to go to the orphanage again. So precious! I believe you'll get to level E before you leave! You are very smart! I hope you get to do everything else that you want to do before you come home. We miss you tons and are pryaing for you every day. We'll see you in less than a month!!! YIPEEE!!!!! We Love You!! Brice loves his Aunt Tina!!