Friday, October 24, 2008

A Good Week

After 2 long hours, I made a 92 on my level C test! Yea! My teacher could tell that I was not in the mood to start something new, so we walked around the market for a while and then played Scrabble. I used to make 2 letter words, but today I doubled her score. Woohoo! Don't get too excited though. Today at lunch the little boy in my family told me, "I understand what you're saying but your grammar is horrible." :)

Tomorrow I am going to the orphanage again with a few friends. I am looking forward to seeing the same little ones. Sunday I may go to a nearby city called Chichicastenango. So, look for some neat pictures Monday or Tuesday.

Mel, thank you SO much for my birthday package. I opened 2 things so far. The gum is delicious. Here I am with my gifts wrapped in paper colored by Brice.

Dad and Kathy sent me a card with their recorded voices on it. Listening to them gives me a great start in the mornings.

My housemate's grandfather passed away yesterday and she left this morning for Arizona. Since she only has 4 more weeks and the flight is so expensive, she will probably not return. We have walked everywhere together for 2 months, so it's weird not having her here. I pray that God comforts her family.

Have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing you all more than you know!



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Melanie said...

Love the pic of you and your gifts! I wish we could be there with you on your birthday, but I know you'll have fun with your new friends in Guat! We'll celebrate when you get back. We LOVE YOU TONS and look forward to seeing you soon! xo
Love, Dooba, Caser, and Pumpkin Head